The Town Every Game of Thrones Fan Needs To Visit

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Game of Thrones is the most popular show in HBO history, and its power as a pop culture force can be felt across the world. The show has been filmed in various locations across Europe, including Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Morocco, and Spain, resulting in a huge boost in tourism. But no town has needed this boost more than Osuna, a tiny Spanish village in the Andalusian region, where the unemployment rate is over 30%. In 2014, film crews for Game of Thrones descended upon Osuna for just 17 days of shooting. The producers were attracted by Osuna’s bullring, which was used to film the Daznak’s Pit scene from Season 5. Since then, the town has experienced a noticeable increase in visitors – mostly fans of the series. And it’s been great for the local economy, nearly two years later.

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