Scales of the Universe in Powers of Ten – Full HD 1080p

Cosmic Voyage is a 1996 short documentary film produced in the IMAX format, directed by Bayley Silleck, produced by Jeffrey Marvin, and narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Cosmic Voyage has a format similar to Eva Szasz’s Cosmic Zoom, and Charles and Ray Eames’s classic Powers of Ten educational video. All were based on the 1957 book Cosmic View by Dutch educator Kees Boeke. Cosmic Voyage takes viewers on a journey through forty-two orders of magnitude, beginning at a celebration in Venice, Italy slowly zooming out into the edge of the observable universe. Then the view descends back to earth, and later zooms in upon a raindrop on a leaf on a hoop used in the celebration mentioned earlier, down to the level of subatomic particles (quarks).

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