WE ARE THE GODS NOW – A Look At The Singularity

Technology is upending the world. Accelerating technologies are giving us new construction kits for our reality. Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology are the three overlapping revolutions that will change what it means to be human. The end of aging, a revolution in healthcare, digital immortality, an intelligence explosion… we can barely begin to imagine what’s coming. But here is a meditation, a look at where we might we heading…

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Performed by Jason Silva

Produced by Cameron Crowhurst, Mind Control, The Next Web

Edited by Leo Lagon
Soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), soundotcom.com, zapsplat.com

HUMAN – BEING /BORGOMOTION – https://vimeo.com/18862800
the post human experiment/Douglas Fenton – https://vimeo.com/68412820
Conceptual Human/Jon A. Herrera – https://vimeo.com/158016433
earth zoom/malcolm skene – https://vimeo.com/24785219
Space Trips – panoramic projection/Lea Nagano – https://vimeo.com/37887207
Chieng / BRAND’S / BRAIN UNIVERSE/Superfine Film – https://vimeo.com/119090405
BLUE Ep. 7: Brain Stimulation/Nick Kurtz – https://vimeo.com/134803505
The Infographic History of the World/Valentina D’Efilippo – https://vimeo.com/66145156
Trailer – THE AGE OF ROBOTS/Massimo Brega – https://vimeo.com/95945365
A Spark Odyssey/Pierrad – https://vimeo.com/199646978
The Lives of Others and a Coconut Economy/the source project – https://vimeo.com/150419851
The Structure of Infinity | God Within/Luis Echevarria – https://vimeo.com/34425770

Category: Shots Of Awe

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