How One Woman Reinvented School To Combat Poverty

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Dr. Tiffany Anderson commutes four hours every day to work, each way. When she arrives, she takes over for crossing guard duty and welcomes each student on their way to school for the day. It’s just one of the ways she has taken a hands-on approach to turning around a flailing school district in a low-income neighborhood near Ferguson, Missouri. Dr. Anderson firmly believes in nurturing “the whole child” when they walk through the doors of her schools. This means needs like food, clothing, and healthcare must be addressed for disadvantaged students in order for them to have a level playing field and an ability to succeed. So, after balancing the budget and taking the school to an accredited level, Dr. Anderson installed a food pantry, laundry facilities, and a full clinic at the school. “When kids knew that we cared,” said Dr. Anderson, “There was almost like this light bulb went off, this willingness to try.”

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