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One of my heroes, philosopher Jeremy Bentham decided that when he died his body should be made into a statue people could bring to parties. Now you see why he is my hero. Subscribe for new videos every Tues & Thurs –

Socialist Propaganda:

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UCL Public and Cultural Engagement / UCL Creative Media Services,_1838,_after_H._W._Wellcome_V0000462.jpg,_1832_Wellcome_L0007730.jpg,_1838,_after_H._W._Wellcome_V0000462.jpg
Jeremy Bentham Auto Icon
Jeremy Bentham's head
Jeremy Bentham's Body
Professional Development Trips
Jeremy Bentham: Stoned, not Stuffed
Jeff and Jeremy Bentham
What would Jeremy do?
Wandering Bentham
Jeremy Bentham
Jeremy Bentham UCL founder

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