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The short, sad, stupid story of the Last Tree of Ténéré. May we remember it as it lived, leafy and green. Subscribe for new videos every Tues & Thurs –

Written and hosted by Dylan Thuras (@dylanthuras)

Credits for this episode:–1-305-arbre-du-tenere-1939.jpg.html–1-309-arbre-du-tenere-en-1959-.jpg.html–1-310-les-deux-puits-pres-de-l-arbre-du-tenere-1965.jpg.html–1-308-arbre-du-tenere-en-1967.jpg.html–1-311-l-arbre-du-tenere-au-debut-des-annees-1970.jpg.html–1-312-la-depouille-de-l-arbre-du-tenere.jpg.html

Le Niger au Québec

Photo of Citroën 2 CV to the Tree of Tenere (Ténéré, Niger) in 1973. CITROEN MAGAZINE Contact 5 February 1973 central pages; “Raid Africa 1973”.

Category: Atlas Obscura

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