Live Q&A with Jason Silva! Singularity, Hawking, and More

Live Q&A with Jason Silva from Shots of Awe and Brain Games!

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01:40 Can you speak on the possibility of a dystopian singularity? From Michael K.

03:20 What are the actions you can take beyond reading and talking about this kind of awesome vision? From Tyler Kurlas

05:00 Can “The Matrix” be considered a controlled singularity? From Rip Under

06:19 Have you read “Radical Evolution” by Joel Garreau? From xDEADLYGAMING

06:25 How cool is it to be on the Joe Rogan Podcast? From ToiletClogger1945

07:10 Have you thought about writing a book anytime soon? From S. Teets

08:26 Transcend time and space you say? This will be fun. From Brian Ciezki

09:43 Virtual reality is coming. Any worlds in particular that you would like to visit? From JerryDean Smith

10:40 What is your take on aliens? From ToiletClogger1945

12:53 Because of mortality, our brains help us make decisions to keep us alive because we are afraid to die. What do you think our world would be like without these limitations?  From Tyanna Stuckey

14:14 Can we even talk about a singularity that is, by it very nature, somewhat unknowable and opaque? In other words, is talking about the singularity a contradiction of terms? From Jack Gavigan

15:13 Your response to Hawking that if we don’t look into settling another planet or “backing-up” humanity within one century, we will most likely cease to exist? From lovebloc

15:46 Your response to Hawking that if we don’t look into settling another planet or “backing-up” humanity within one century, we will most likely cease to exist? From lovebloc

16:50 William Faulkner said that he believes man will not merely endure, he will prevail. How far away do you believe immortality is for humans? From xDEADLYGAMING

18:02 What do you think of plato’s allegory of the cave? From Dsi1ver

18:08 I love seeing the amount of enthusiasm you have for these subjects, what inspired you to be the influential type of speaker you are now? From Brandon Tellez

20:38 I’m reading The Field by Lynne McTaggart and the idea of overcoming entropy is brought up. That idea that we as humans can influence chaos and organize it with nothing but our minds. What do you think? From Brian Ciezki

21:34 What’s on your hat? Are you ever in Venice? From Tyler Kurlas

21:58 Would you consider cloning yourself when possible? From insider kWh

22:20 If you were going to college nowadays to study science or technology, which field would you pursue because of its current potential? From Jack Gavigan

22:47 Do you know about The Venus Project? Do you support it? What are your thoughts on it and its plans? If you don’t know, you really should! Everyone should 🙂 from Talelyn

23:12 William Gibson said “The future is already here; it’s just not evenly distributed.” What do you see today as the next step in spreading technology and well-being? From xDEADLYGAMING

23:58 What is your take on vibrational frequency? Multiverses? Ascension? Resurrection? Dual ying yang toroidal flow? From anik Hawq

25:42 Who are some of your idols? From lovebloc

26:47 What do you think of David Pearce’s idea of utopia? From 8bitfist

28:11 Do you think that the prediction of Moore’s Law that exponential growth will decelerate by the end of 2013 is accurate? From xDEADLYGAMING

28:36 On the last Joe Rogan Experience podcast, You briefly touched on comedy being philosophy. Could you elaborate? Also, Have you heard Louis CK’s “Everything is amazing and nobody’s happy”? From YellowJKT

29:31 Technology an extension of ourselves or a reflection of ourselves, our true potential? From Dsi1ver


Join Jason Silva every week as he freestyles his way into the complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz. New episodes every Tuesday.

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