SciShow Talk Show: Carl Zimmer & Genetics

Curious about genetics? Dig in a little deeper with this special SciShow Talk Show featuring science writer and 2016 Stephen Jay Gould prize winner Carl Zimmer talking about what he did after receiving himself on a hard drive.

Host: Hank Green
Guest: Carl Zimmer

Check out ‘Game of Genomes’ at:
Check out the raw data at:

Table of Contents

00:10 – Introductions
04:47 – How Carl Got His Genome and How He Got Help Deciphering It
07:53 – How Much Would This Cost?
09:42 – What Did He Find In His Genome?
11:56 – What’s the Difference Between This and 23andMe?
14:00 – Why are People Getting Their Genomes Sequenced?
17:15 – Concerns About Sample Populations
19:32 – Genome Sequencing as a Tool to Study the History of Humanity
22:55 – Where You Can Learn More
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